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Lively Wines is a new actor on the Swedish wine market, founded by Andreas Wickman and Eric Edlund. Between the two of us we have several years of experience working for some of the biggest and most influential importers on the Swedish market. Together we quickly realized that the passion for the business was somewhat lost in the larger corporations, this while the smaller companies lacked the know-how and thus, the competitive edge. This essentially sprung the idea, to use our combined knowledge from working for and with some of the major companies in the business and apply the same practices to maximize the potential of our partners.    We are determined to collect some of the world’s leading domains under our umbrella.

We will always believe in long term relationships over short term profits. In today´s market conditions, many of our competitors seem to do all in their power to create the next successful private label rather than focusing on the relationships that has actually built their successes. Sustainability and credibility are the cornerstones of our business and we do not believe that overpriced, low quality wines are the way forward just because they benefit from a current trend. On the contrary, we believe that by taking one step backwards, by representing and building the established wine brands rather than following weak trends, we are actually being more progressive and more sustainable than our competitors.

The Swedish market is a rather unique split between the government owned off-trade monopoly, Systembolaget, and the free on-trade market. For an outside observer, the market may seem limited and restricted. We however choose to regard the restrictions as opportunities. With strong relationships and good knowledge on how the Swedish model works, we are able to identify and fill the gaps in the market quicker and with greater precision than our competition. Due to the new distribution model, the importers are now more than ever in control over their own destiny and able to shape their own success.

The competition on the Swedish market is truly fierce with more than 900 registered importers. The majority of the companies however are small, the fact is that the top 20 importers account for more than 90% of the volumes sold, off-trade. We see an opportunity to establish as a key actor on the Swedish market, where we use our knowledge from the major cooperation and combine it with the passion and drive of the smaller actors.

During the last few years, many of the larger companies have been sold to private equity firms. In their desire to quickly increase volumes and profits, we have seen a shift in focus from working with established producers to creating and owning own brands. Surely this offers certain stability as no one can interfere and overtake your business but it also means that the established producers are being neglected in the bigger corporations. Even worse, the established producers acts as alibies and provide context for products without real roots in the wine world.

We see it as our mission to free these producers from the corporate giants and re-infuse the business with some more traditional and sustainable values. By working harder, with greater commitment and passion yet relying 100% the available intelligence we are determined to become the leading brand builder on the Swedish market.